‘Nothing is So Beautiful As Spring..’

Good morning, one and all!

Yesterday, with the lovely day it was, I decided to venture outside and partake in a spontaneous photo shoot, along with my extremely photogenic sister.

I couldn’t not take photos, with it being glorious weather and all. It’s not often we get sunshiny days, so might as well take advantage of it.

It was a splendid day, time flew and we didn’t even notice. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I’ve taken plenty of portraits outdoors before, but this time it was different. The views were different, somewhat exceptional, and the sun was golden. Perfect day for photographs.

Plenty of people walked by, wondering what on earth we were doing. Well, it was probably a bit unsightly, with me squatting unattractively with a camera in my hand, and my sister standing out amongst the water, upon a stone, barely able to keep her balance. We did look particularly crazy. What a surprise. Me? Crazy? How untrue.

I will be posting a lot of these photos in the next few days, as I am so overjoyed with the result. I’m slowly improving my techniques, and my skills are progressing. I am really enjoying this journey. For the first time in forever, I can’t wait for what the future holds.

Meanwhile, I’ll try and not melt in this weather,¬†dressed in all black.

I need a tan.



‘When I have a camera in my hand, I know no fear..’

-Alfred Eisenstaedt.


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