Admiring Architecture, Admiring Nature

Wonderful Wednesday. So close to Friday. Me likey.

So, whilst exploring the grounds of my local Church, I realised something; I may not be religious, but it doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the masterful architecture that stands proudly before me. And of course, sitting on a bench as the sun beams down upon my pale skin, is always a plus. I am quite glad that I ventured out on a lovely hot day, and enjoyed my little adventure with my camera.

It is important for me to photograph nature, as it changes everyday. Not one thing is the same. Much like humans. Not one of us are the same, neither share the same personalities, or humour, or body. We don’t judge nature, so why must we judge each other? That’s the intriguing aspect of life, that I relish discussing and contemplating (mostly with myself.)

I advise you to explore your local area this summer, no matter the weather. Whether you venture off alone, or with company, relish the fresh air, relish life, relish nature. Get out there.

-Alice, xo

‘Open your eyes, and see the beauty.’



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