Where There’s Tree’s, There’s Freedom

There’s something special about trees. Being surrounded by them, encourages the sensation of freedom. The tranquility of the rustling leaves, entices the ears. The glare of the sun peaking through the abundant branches, allures the eyes. Trees behold a special quality, that regularly goes amiss. Sitting beneath a tree, perched against it, can be most enjoyable, most freeing. The peace and serenity of nature, is indescribable.

I love to explore different realms of nature photography. I enjoy capturing from ground level, it excites me immensely.

Exploring nature is part of life, in order to experience freedom, one must venture outside. I absolutely adore going for walks, joined by my companion (yes, I mean my camera). During the summer, I intend to travel outdoors much more, and hopefully once my driving test is out of the way and I complete all my lessons, I can drive anywhere I want. And take as many pictures as I want. And finally, be independent. Cannot wait!

Have a fab weekend!

-Alice, xo


‘Time spent amongst trees is never wasted time.’

-Katrina Mayer.



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