‘Capture The Moment, So It Will Last Forever..’

Amid my previous Nature walk, I found myself intrigued by the lapping of the waves of water that hit against the sharp rocks. In a split second, I snapped a shot, and was amazed at the result. Never in my life have I been able to photograph single droplets of water. I have always failed at doing so. Either I take the picture too early or too late. I can never win. But this time, I bloody did it. I just though it was cool.

There’s a little spot in town, that I have claimed as my own. No one else shall enter it, for there shall be consequences. That wasn’t very threatening, never mind.

I love to capture things in motion, there’s jus something exciting about seeing it in picture for the first time. Yes, this may not be the most enticing, thrilling image, but I like it and this is my blog.

Photography is about staying true to yourself and doing what makes you smile. I was happy with how this came out, hence why I wanted to share it with you.

I like conversing like this, even though I’m technically just talking to myself. Well I like to image that someone is responding in their mind. Oh well.

Have a splendid Wednesday!

See you on Friday!

-Alice, xo

‘What I like about Photographs, is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.’

-Karl Lagerfeld.

‘Seek The Light, Find A Way..’

I know this picture differs from what I usually do, but there’s just something about this image that fascinates me, and ignites a sense of pride.  I think it’s due to the brightness that enhances everything, and the simplicity. Sometimes the simple things, are just as unique and beautiful.

I’m thoroughly enjoying the direction my photography is going in. It’s somehow delved into this world of light. I’m glad there is a far more brighter aspect incorporated into my images, it was much needed. Not that my previous images were relatively dark, they just needed something more, perhaps a spark? Do you ever find that, when you look back at old photographs you’ve taken, you wonder what you were thinking in that exact moment? It’s a peculiar thought.

I have always loved the inclusion of textures in images, they stand out tremendously. I especially love the contrast between the harshness of the rock, and the brightness of the glimmering water.

This is not the best photograph in the world, but I like it, because it’s different, like me. That’s all that matters. In a world of fake personas, be your most authentic self. Do what makes you happy.

Honestly, sometimes I sound too much like a Motivational Speaker. I can barely motivate myself.

Have a good Monday!

-Alice, xo

‘You have to find what sparks a light in you so that you, in your own way, can illuminate the world.’

-Oprah Winfrey.

‘We Are A Boat, We Have The Choice Where To Steer….’

Sundays; the day where you eat a lot and hope to find something on TV, and eat some more because you’re bored, and then resort to reading a great novel and completely forget to socialize with your family. I’m such a Granny.

So in other words….Happy Sunday.

I went on a Nature walk for the first time in ages. I’m so glad I did, I really missed doing it. It really clears the mind. Thankfully, it was a glorious day. You wouldn’t think it, but I was quite far away from this particular fishermen, my zoom lens is just incredible. The best money I’ve ever spent. I’d advise anyone considering taking up photography, whether for a hobby or for business purposes, invest in a good zoom lens. No matter the brand, it doesn’t have to be that expensive. I was never told this, but I’m glad I included it in my collection.

I’ve always wanted to capture a man fishing on a boat, and finally I have. I’ve lately been trying to photograph things that are completely different from what I normally do. It’s sometimes good to change things up, it can put a bounce in your step.

Anyway, have a lovely evening.

See you Monday!

-Alice, xo

‘I want to try new things and put myself out there and take some risks.’

-Cam Gigandet.

‘All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make, the better.’

-Ralph Waldo Emerson.

‘A Good Companion, Shortens The Longest Road…’

It’s Fridaaaaaaaay. Thank Heavens, my favourite day has arrived. Bring on the weekend, filled with such excitement (eating, sleeping and reading my way through it).

So, you’ve seen this particular cat before, and you are most likely aware that he is my son. Not biologically, of course. I’m not that psychotic. He photographs beautifully, as you can tell.

I am desperate to share this image with you, simply because I’m surprised at how gorgeous it has come out, and I just love dazzling his eyes appear. That’s my boy, my Finnigan.

If you adore cats, then I’m sure you can understand why I frequently capture them in all their glory. Cats are honestly such photogenic animals. When, by chance, all of my cats group together, they resemble sought after Supermodel’s (obviously with more personality and less fake tan). And don’t get me started on their strut….I mean, it’s as if they’re walking on air.

Anyway, to end this strange tangent, I shall bid you a splendid Friday and weekend. May it be long and merry.

-Alice, xo

‘Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet..’

-Sidonie Gabrielle Colette.

‘Flowers Are Our Greatest Silent Friends…’

I find that I’m attempting to share more colourful, bright, enthusiastic images with all of you. And that is a tremendous thing. When you feel a change in yourself, you see a change in all that you do. Hopefully, this will continue.

I’m afraid I have mislead you. These are not real flowers, they’re fake. I’m a complete fraud. I bought them like this in Aldi. Oh well, at least they photograph beautifully.

But real, actual photosynthesising flowers always blow me away. They’re just the most astounding thing that emerge in this world. I love to capture their heavenly essence. Their colours brighten up this godforsaken world. So, expect plenty of real, beautiful, blooming flowers.

I’m enjoying using natural light lately, it just seems to add a certain depth to my images, which of course I’m grateful for. I sometimes favour natural light, over anything else. Well, perhaps that’s because I love to photograph outdoors.

Since I though this little (fake) bouquet was incredibly adorable, I figured I might as well share it with the interweb, and hopefully brighten it up a little.

I hope Wednesday treats you well! See you Friday!

-Alice, xo

‘A Flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.’



‘Take your Candle, and Light The World…’

Oh Monday’s, the most dreaded day of the week. But thankfully, it’s Bank Holiday Monday, thank heavens. I hope this Monday treats you nicely.

So, I captured this the night of my Birthday Get Together, amidst all the laughter and shenanigans. (This is not the best image, but I wanted to share it, simply because I love candles). Our garden was decorated with nothing but candlelight. Unfortunately, it rained so I didn’t get the chance to take that many photos, but the second it cleared, we were outside. There’s just something about candles, that truly excite me. Whether it’s the enticing aroma, or the heavenly flickering flame that dances before your very eyes.

Yes, I love candles. Probably too much. I just love to smell them. And look at them. Am I rambling?

I’m really going to consider using candlelight in certain images, I feel as if it would add a peculiar, dazzling glow to photographs. It would definitely entice the eye.

I’m glad I’m getting back into the swing of this, slowly but surely.

Have a good Monday (if that’s even remotely possible).

-Alice, xo

‘How far that little candle throws its beams! So shines a good deed in a naughty world…’

-William Shakespeare; The Merchant of Venice, Act 5 Scene 1.


Turning 21: A Big Milestone

I’m not usually one to be in front of the camera, but it was my birthday, and I didn’t even care. So, yes, that’s me. You’re welcome.

And before you even think it, I did not have a wild, messy, over the top party, nor did I intoxicate myself to the extent that I would forget the entire evening. You don’t need alcohol to have fun. Take note, millennials (ignore the fact that I too am a millennial, but I’m an old soul, so I’m the exception).

So, on a less sarcastic note, I turned 21 last week! I am now officially an Adult, and I have no idea how I feel about it yet. On the one hand, I’m thrilled, yet on the other, I’m finding it quite daunting. For the past few weeks, I’ve been like Joey from Friends, begging to never age and believing a deal with ‘God’ will prevent the aging process. Yes, you are %100 right, I am not of a sane mind.

Anyway, despite the little fear of approaching adulthood, I eventually welcomed it with open arms. I have a job, I’m close to being a full licenced driver, and I have accomplished many things. So, 21 is a big milestone for me. I am at a place in my life, that I never thought I’d be. I’m happier, chattier, and less anxious (by that I mean, I’m not a walking, talking, breathing ball of anxiety, but trust me, I have my moments). Of course, I still have underlining issues, but doesn’t everyone? I’m giving myself some credit (not something I tend to do), for getting back up, and facing life head on. So, turning 21 helped me do that. Becoming 21 helped me realise, life doesn’t have to be that stressful and I shouldn’t let inner fears control me. In some things, I have developed a ‘F**k it’ attitude. Yes, I’ll have doubts, but I’m trying not to let them seep in and take control.

I had a little party at my house, for the first time in years. I was surrounded by family and friends, and I couldn’t have asked for better company (pizza included). One of my amazing friends (more like sister) made me a cake, or as I liked to call it ‘Heaven On A Plate’. I was also gifted amazing, funny 21 presents from my extended family. It’s things like that, that encourage me to think that I am loved and treasured, and always will be. You are, too. You just have to choose to believe it.

Happy Belated Birthday, to me!

-Alice, xo

P.S. I feel old.

‘Life is too short to worry about stupid things. Have fun. Regret nothing, and don’t let people bring you down.’



I’d like to share something with you, if I may.

The image attached, is a new thing I treasure. That is my dear Grandfather’s writing on a frail piece of aged paper. A poem he had begun to conduct, but never seemed to finish it. It was found in our house a few weeks ago. My mother stumbled across it, completely dumbfounded by what she had discovered. You see, we have never encountered this piece of paper before. It appeared, as if out of thin air.

But let me tell you this; I took this as a sign. A sign that was very much needed, from someone who is no longer with this world. My Granddad was someone everyone looked up to and respected. A man that my Mother loved and appreciated it, so there was a reason it was found by her. I’m just glad she decided to share it with me first. I couldn’t believe it; it was overwhelming.

He had incredible handwriting, which you can see, it’s quite obvious. And he had a way with words. I figured I have inherited his style of writing, and his love of poetry and Shakespeare. It just goes to show, those whom are not around anymore, always have peculiar ways of turning up.

I decided to photograph this, so I’d never forget what a blessing it was to find this.

Anyway, Have a fab Saturday and a lovely long Bank Holiday Weekend! I know I will..

-Alice, xo

P.S. I apologize if I tend to discuss my family too frequently, but I love to express how much they have/had influenced me. So, bear with me, I’m just a girl whom adores her family.

‘Families are like branches on a tree. We grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.’


‘Turn Around, Bright Eyes’

First of all, isn’t Finnigan the most photogenic cat you ever did see? And secondly, that’s my son. I’m convinced his eyes are the doors to the heavens. That heavenly glow gets me every time. That’s my boy.

Okay, so I took this whilst venturing into capturing treasured possessions (see my previous post!). Amongst the clutter, he decided to jump up onto the table and await to be photographed. Vain, much? So, the very moment I began photographing this beauty, his inner model was unleashed. Honestly, he would look fabulous on the cover of Vogue one day.

It’s apparent that I will forever remain a crazy cat lady. I feel as if I deserve a badge, that warns anyone whom approaches ‘Approach with Caution, This Woman has a gang of Cats’. How funny that would be. Anyway, my sarcastic self is on a roll more than ever. So, expect to see more.

So, a little post just for today. Short and sweet (like me, you’re welcome.)

Have a fab weekend!

-Alice, xo

‘The difference between friends and pets is that, friends we allow into our company, pets we allow into our Solitude.’




Remember To Explore

Alice Through The Looking Lens

So, Monday is upon us. In order for the week to go smoothly, one must remember to be positive and not dread the start of the week. I have accepted a new frame of mind, do not fear what is to come, embrace it with open arms.

Anyway, I photographed this little family on Saturday. They were enjoying a lovely ice cream on a blissful summer day. Of course, I had to capture their little moment. For a while, I didn’t go for a walk with my camera, I was too tired. But on Saturday, I decided to just go out and not second guess it. In life, don’t question, just do.

So, in order to experience the beauty of life, walk amongst it. Capture it, observe it, admire it. Nature is a blessing, go explore  it. It’s waiting for you.

-Alice, xo

‘Leave nothing but footprints;

Take nothing…

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